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RPG Cons in North Texas

2014 February 18
by Stan Shinn

waconBelow are a list of cons with a notable tabletop RPG presence within 5 hours drive of the Dallas/Forth Worth area. There are 11 conventions within 5 hours drive of DFW, plus I added GenCon (the mother-of-all-rpg-cons). 6 of these cons are actually in the DFW area, and of those six, three — Gamer Nation Con, G33G3 (Geeky) Con and T.A.B.L.E. — are new cons. ReaperCon has also expanded their RPG presence and includes six tables of concurrent Pathfinder games as well as other RPGs. Let me know if I had any notable misses, or if you have any edits to my descriptions (especially if you know approximate numbers of people who attend, how many RPG games are at a given Con, etc.).

Owlcon (Houston)
Feb. 21-24, 2014
Long running con on the Rice University campus. Usually has something like 600 attendees, with a mix of RPGs, miniatures wargaming and other sundry activities. (Plano)
Mar. 14-16, 2014
New con debuting in 2014. Mostly RPGs with some board games.
TwisterCon (Oklahoma City, OK)
Mar. 21-23, 2014
Con in OKC with a mix of RPGs, miniatures wargaming and other sundry activities.
T.A.B.L.E. (Irving)
March 28-30, 2014

New con; mostly board or card games with some RPGs (only GURPs as of this writing).

G33K3 – THE CON (McKinney)
April 4-6, 2014
New con; should have some RPGs but games have not yet been listed.
ChimaeraCon (San Antonio)
April 4-6, 2014
Mid-sized (150-200) person con.

AggieCon (College Station, TX)
April 4-6, 2014
Long running con near the A&M campus.

ReaperCon (Lewisville, TX)
April 24-27
In addition to showcasing miniatures and miniatures painting, this year this is a large slate of RPG games including 6 concurrent Pathfinder games running all weekend.
North Texas RPG Con (Fort Worth)
Jun. 5-8, 2014
Premier old-school con focused mostly on RPGs and with a large number of OSR celebrity guests from the TSR days.
Texicon (Fort Worth)
June 27-29, 2014
Usually has something like 150-200 attendees, with a mix of RPGs, miniatures wargaming and other sundry activities.

Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN)
Aug. 14-17, 2014
Not local, but this is the biggest con in the country with over 40,000 attendees each year.
WaCon (Waco)
Oct. 24-26, 2014
2014 will be the second year of this con. A mix of RPGs, card games, miniatures wargaming and other sundry activities.


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  1. Mark Montgomery permalink
    February 18, 2014

    A-Kon and AnimeFEST both had decent sized role-playing allotments in their gaming areas, though I haven’t attended either in the last three years.

    ConDFW is RPG-friendly, and will be hosting some RPGs this year again to test the waters (in years past, not enough people signed up for games we tried to run)

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