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Find a Game Group

Looking for a game group in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Here are some tips. Start with #1, and if you don’t find what you need, keep working down the list of things to do until you have success :-)

1)  Post on the DFW Roleplayers groups:

2) Post or peruse other area gaming groups:

In addition to posting in the groups above, try:

3) Participate in open gaming venues and organized play:

All of the above venues are ‘open’ places where you can meet folks, make connections, figure out what you like without getting into a big commitment.

4) Let folks in open games know you are looking for a group:

Create some do-it-yourself business cards (Avery has some nice home printer version: with your contact information (email, facebook, google+, twitter, etc.) to hand out to folks. Don’t forget, when you play a game, hand out your business card with a “looking for group” note on it so you can leverage your new gaming friends.

5) Offer to run a game:

If you want to play in a system and can’t find a GM, try running your own game. I’ve found that generally you can find a player or two who is happy to take a turn at GM’ing occasionally, so even if you don’t prefer to GM, starting a game group at a local game store then rotating GMs once you’ve gotten a good core group can be successful.

6) Use other online game finders:

Great Primers for Finding Players 

National Online Game Finders

7) Play games online:

Want to game online using Google+ or other Virtual Table Tops (VTTs). There are lots of tools below. Also, I’ve found that the’s looking for group forum at has TONS of open games. Just troll that page and you’ll eventually find a game you’ll like.

Games Using 

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  1. Amie Parsons permalink
    November 25, 2016

    Im looking for a group of teens that my son can join in role play games…I know nothing, but trying to be supportive..
    Any help is appreciated…
    Thank you,

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