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D&D 5.0 Announced; 0e/1e Style Gameplay Option Hinted

2012 January 9
by Stan Shinn

Today Wizards today finally announced their official work on D&D 5.0 along with a NY Times article on this upcoming release.

What’s interesting for the OSR / Grognard players are some hints that they are working to accomodate early edition play in their future ruleset. They hinted of this at Gencon last year, and again are hinting of this in their announcement today:

We want a game that rises above differences of play styles, campaign settings, and editions, one that takes the fundamental essence of D&D and brings it to the forefront of the game. In short, we want a game that is as simple or complex as you please, its action focused on combat, intrigue, and exploration as you desire. We want a game that is unmistakably D&D, but one that can easily become your D&D, the game that you want to run and play….We seek to reach as many people as possible, from the gamer who just started with D&D last week to the gaming group that has been together since the early-1970s. (source)

Rumors based on past Monte Cook blog posts hints 
(he’s the one engineering the 5.0 release) make it sound like the new edition with be a scalable rules toolkit that can be run in a lite 1970s style or in a more crunchy 3.5/4.0 style.

Can they pull this off without just further fragmenting their fan base? Will the bridges WOTC has burned with past fans be mended? It will be interesting to see.

It sounds like we’ll get a preview of how the new rules will work at the ‘D&D Experience convention’ in late January, and an even better look at during open playtesting starting sometime in the spring.

3 Responses
  1. Vincent DiPaula permalink
    January 9, 2012

    Too late Castes and Crusades is out and I like that. Pathfinder is out and I like that. Plus I still have all my 3.5, 2E AD&D, and 1E AD&D books. WOTC can bight the big one I hope their sales tank and their fans find other FRPG like I did. I am sorry for the people who are so heavily invested in 4E. I just hope WOTC doesn’t pull the license out from under Pathfinder and C&C cause I really love those game and they are not talking about releasing a new edition.

    • January 14, 2012

      I really hope that it doesn’t tank because, for better or worse, D&D is the most recognizable game to non-gamers and the majority of gamers start with it. It’s my hope that D&D flourishes and brings more people into the hobby, some of whom may later choose to play C&C or Pathfinder or Savage Worlds or whatever. A rising tide floats all boats.

  2. Stan Shinn permalink*
    January 9, 2012

    Good news is the OGL is irrevocable, so Pathfinder and other OGL based products should be in no danger.

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