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Much of Older D&D Material To Be Re-Released

2012 January 29
by Stan Shinn

Enworld posted transcripts of a recent Mike Mearls (D&D Next designer) interview which revealed these upcoming D&D product plans.

The full Enworld article featured a discussion of D&D products for 2012, followed by a Q&A session. This transcript is paraphrased, with some responses shortened.

Much of the 1E and other older material will once again become available:

Any plans to rerelease the other products for 1E and 2E and other editions, either in print or electronically?

We are looking at making a lot of that older material available to you, but we want to make sure we do it right for you guys and for Wizards. We’ll have more news on that. (source)

The new 1E reprints covers will be new but the interior is almost entirely the same:

Are the 1E reprint the exact same as old books?

They’re identical except for the old ads at back. (source)

More boxed sets are coming:

More boxed sets coming?

If it makes sense for the product, yes. Boxes are great, we’re looking at it as far as what the product does/value, etc. Happy with them. (source)

Even publishing Dragon magazine again is being reconsidered:

Any chance of print Dungeon or Dragon mags?

Looking at possibilities. (source)


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