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The active crew of the Serenity includes these members:

  1. Earl “Crazy Earl” Hunter, Captain (Overconfident, All thumbs, Quirk (Thrives on danger))
  2. Eli HunterCo-Captain (Overconfident, All thumbs, Quirk (Thrives on danger))
  3. Barron Olmstead, Aristocrat (Lazy, Doubting Thomas, Quirk (?))
  4. Ogami Itto, Ronin (Code of honor, Heroic, Quirk)
  5. Calad Rector, Pilot (Overconfident, Loyal, Wanted)
  6. Natasha Borovsky, Rogue (Curious, Loyal, Phobia (Big bugs))
  7. Valentine Maynard, Face (Fear of Heights, Can’t Swim)
On leave:
  1. Meili Tarasov, Face (Cautious, Loyal)