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Current Campaign: Firefly / Serenity (Savage Worlds Rules)

Do you have what it takes to survive in the savage worlds of the ‘Verse? Our game will be in the Firefly / Serenity setting using homebrew rules and original, non-canon characters (though Mal and the gang will have a tie-in — you’ll see). Join us in our journey into the Black.

Cortex Setting & Savage Worlds Rules

No advance rules knowledge needed — I’ll teach you all you need to know (and it’s pretty easy to pick up).

We’re using the setting material from the out-of-print Serenity (Cortex rules) RPG, the Savage Firefly conversion rules and using basic Savage Worlds for the rules mechanics. Download the free Savage Worlds Test Drive rules to get a flavor for the system. The paperback version of the latest Savage Worlds rules costs only $10 and is available at Madness Comics, online at or in PDF format at Pinnacle’s website.

Character Creation

New players will do character creation (using semi-pregen characters which you can tweak in game or after game) at your first session. If you want,  email the GM your character concept prior to attending the game (if your are able to make sure it will work with our current crew). GM has final say on your archetype and concept as we need to make sure it fits the genre and meshes well with the crew roster.

GM Style

Stan Shinn is the gamemaster for most games. See Stan’s GM profile to see what kind of game he runs. Want to co-GM? Attend a few games and chat with Stan.

Savage Worlds Setting Rules
We have adapted the following rules for use with the Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition: