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Set in the Joss Whedon-created `Verse of “Firefly” and “Serenity,” this campaign deals with the aftermath of the events of the movie.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds managed to unleash the broadcast that told the `Verse about what happened on Miranda and the Alliance’s direct involvement. On every planet, moon, and station, people discovered that the vicious Reavers were a direct byproduct of the Alliance’s failed effort to create a means of controlling the very will of its people. They learned of the extermination of life on an entire planet.

Devastating as this truth was, it was not universally believed. Those planets in the Alliance’s Core influence, as well as many in the Border region, fell under a wave of propaganda and media spin unlike anything they’d ever experienced before. The citizens were warned of another “Browncoat Rebellion” underway, and the so-called “Myth of Miranda” was nothing more than an elaborately staged hoax meant to undermine the peace, law, and order of the great Alliance.

The hogwash wasn’t necessarily believed by everyone, but it was a comfortable fiction that let those who enjoyed their privileged lives go on without giving genocide and atrocities too much more thought.

On some of the Core planets, anyway.

The Operative — the man who nearly destroyed Mal and his crew before he came to know the truth — was true to his word. He disappeared into the Black, but not before he made it clear to those he had contact with that Mal was the right man at the right time, and that the Alliance was, indeed, rotten to the core. While many in the military, intelligence, and security sectors remained loyal (to money and benefits, if not necessarily to any higher ideals), more than a few left the services in disgust and feeling betrayed.

These people, along with many more stirred to anger and a need for justice throughout the Border and Rim, began to look for a way to make things right. They also looked for someone to help organize and lead them.

Naturally, the man who kicked the Alliance square in the dangles was the man they wanted for the job.

Zipping around the Black in an elite new Alliance combat ship (a man can’t conduct a proper war from an old Firefly boat, after all), Mal found himself with an even bigger crew. One day, Zoe called him “General,” and that was all she wrote. He got her back, though, by making her a colonel, and they started building a military force to once and for all break the Alliance’s hold on the `Verse.

Meanwhile, someone, somewhere, took a shine to that old Firefly craft, and she was flying again. Of course, she was on a collision course for a war, which might not be too healthy, but it was dang sure exciting.


The PCs are the new Crew of the Serenity, having bought it a short while back. After a couple of jobs here and there, they managed to come to the attention of the ship’s previous owner. Sentimentality and perverse humor combined wonderfully in Mal’s mind, and he was moderately impressed with their capabilities.

So now they’ve got regular connections with the new Browncoats. Thanks to Mal’s understanding of how better to fight the war this time around, he’s got everyone working in smaller groups and cells, and this Crew is no exception.

Your job now as a member of the Serenity is to get a job and keep ‘er flyin’. Occasionally General Reynolds will give you a mission to help in the new Browncoat rebellion. But will you be able to evade detection, remain undercover, and still accomplish the work of heroes?

Join us in the Black and see!