The ‘Hunter’s Quarry’ (2012-10-06)

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The son of a rich nobleman contracts with the crew of the Serenity to get his father’s spaceship (named the ‘Hunter’s Quarry’)¬†back (the son had gambled it away but his father didn’t know). Liam and Max join the crew while Crazy Earl’s brother Eli subbed in as captain. Some gambling gained a few coins for the crew and narrowly avoided disaster (things go South

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The Derelict Ship (2012-09-01)

The crew of the Serenity rendevous with the new Browncoat Rebellion, led by General Mal Reynolds, who is now on a former Alliance ship called ‘The Heart of Dixey’. The crew afterwards encounter a derelict ship and investigate — Reavers were waiting on board! Itto finds creative ways to use his Katana without gravity.

The Albatros Box (2012-05-19)

The debut game for our Firefly campaign! A professor and his female companion pay for passage to a remote rendevous. Turns out the professor is on the run from the Alliance, having stolen a cloaking device he invented while working in Alliance Labs. The Alliance pursues the Firefly. When the crew of the Serenity use the cloaking device they discover it works, but almost

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